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We learn, we are Responsible, Efficient, Safe and Trustworthy.

EZ Auto Movers knows the best service is organized with experts from the bottom up. Our shipping experts are equipped with the tools and knowledge to give you a stress-free customer experience. Our shipping experts are backed by our 5 Star rated dispatch department that has networks of drivers spanning coast to coast. 

Whether moving a family car or purchasing a car from a long distance seller, EZ Auto Movers will be there to handle the difficult part with care; Logistics. Whether it’s the last on the to do list or a major priority, EZ has you covered anywhere-anytime. OurWe will guide each customer to the best solution based on their individual circumstance. 

Communication is the biggest part of logistics and we offer our customers either text in, online chat, or call in options (please reserve to emergencies) 

Tip: Department of Transportation regulation; a Car Carrier (trucker) can only drive 500 miles per day.